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Picture 1 shows the pipes stringed along the pipeline spread. The pipe to soil AC voltages under the 400Kv power lines were monitored and the pipes earthed when required.

Feeder Main 28  for comment-4 PIC2

Picture 2 shows pipe stringing in full flow, 40 feet trailers constantly delivering pipes to be strung out over the complete pipeline spread.

Feeder Main 28  for comment-5 PIC3

Picture 3 shows the close proximity of the 400kV power lines.

Feeder Main 28  for comment-6 PIC4

Picture 4 shows the view over the beautiful Welsh countryside. Some of the hills the pipeline followed could not be walked down as they were too steep. The routing of this pipeline was the most challenging ever attempted by National Grid

Feeder Main 28  for comment-7 PIC5

The test post shown in picture 5 is a special heavy-duty unit fitted with a tamperproof lock. Inside is housed the remote monitoring unit and the DC-decoupler used to isolate the copper pipeline earthing from the pipeline CP system.

Feeder Main 28  for comment-9 PIC6

Picture 6 shows the top ammeter reading at just over 30A/m2 and the bottom voltmeter showing the AC potential of the pipeline just over 1 Volt. This demonstrates the high levels of AC current on the pipeline with relatively low voltages. The earth connection on the far right is still to be connected.

winter scene

Picture 7 All complete, the twin 400kv power lines ever present. No sign left of any construction activities other then the CP posts and pipeline marker posts.

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